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In accordance with current legal regulations, we hereby give you information related to the reservation of stays and other services provided by the company Olšovec s.r.o. (further ‘the Camp’) and which are connected with the implementation of the regulation of the European Parliament and Council of Europe no. 2016/679.
   I. Handling personal information
The Camp, as soon as an interest in its services is expressed, either by placing an order or agreeing a contract, will receive for processing the personal data of the Customer (Purchaser) i.e. name and surname (ID, VAT ID), adress (company address), address for sending electronic mail, telephone number. This data is obligatory and serves to clearly identify the customer (purchaser) and thus to create a binding contractual relationship for specific services requested. When checking in to the camp certain data is added to that stated above i.e. the number of a valid identity card, or the personal identification number of the customer (Purchaser). In the eventuality that the required information is not presented, the stay or service ordered will not be arranged or provided. The Customer (Purchaser) is responsible for the correctness and validity of the information presented. If the service is ordered by a person acting for a third party, the order given will confirm that he or she is authorised to include in the order the personal data of the person for whom the service is to be provided.

Olšovec s.r.o. processes the above-mentioned personal data as the means for fulfilling: legal obligations (primarily for accounting and tax purposes); essential obligations for the company to ensure legal protection and seek legal claims; the role as data for determining the local tourist charge and for handing it over to the relevant organisation. Should the client not be a citizen of the European Union, the Camp is obliged to keep the personal data of the client in its records for the Foreign Police and, in accordance with its obligations, to make such data available on request ( the extent of the data to be in accordance with current legislation).

The personal data is processed by the company Olšovec s.r.o., Havlíčkovo náměstí 71, business address Kopeček reg. no. 535, 679 06 Jedovnice,, (further ‘the Camp’) for the purpose of providing services in accordance with contracts or orders. The data is made available to employees of the camp (receptionists, accountants, camp manager), on occasion to employees of the night security service, and likewise those authorised to offer and sell services provided by the Camp. These workers are duty-bound to maintain confidentiality, regarding the personal data of clients, during and after their period of employment for the Camp. The personal data, to the extent and for the purposes mentioned above will be processed, automatically and manually, in electronic and paper form. Olšovec s.r.o. is authorised to process and store the personal data provided for the period of the contractual relationship with the client (Customer, Purchaser) and for a further five years commencing from the end of the accounting period in which the contractual period ended (necessary above all due to the requirements of the Accounting Law no. 563/1991).

Dear Clients,
If the Camp requests from you personal data other than that mentioned above as obligatory, and does not inform you during its provision that it is obligatory data, and provides no reason for its provision (e.g. legal requirements) it concerns data given voluntarily for the purpose of completing orders or other papers or for further contractual relationships. At the same time the camp hereby informs you that if it obtains your email contact address, it shall, together with your name and surname be used ( in accordance with so-called legitimate interests) for its marketing purposes, for the purposes of further offers of accommodation and of using further services, which Olšovec s.r.o. provides, and for the purpose of offering participation in further events organised by the company. Having been given this notification, it is not necessary for your agreement to be sought further.
A camera system is used for the purposes of improving your security and the protection of property. It is used by Olšovec s.r.o. in accordance with legal regulations. If necessary (i.e. on request of the Czech Poice) the data can be used even by another contracted company.
   III. Photography, making videos
During events organised by the Camp taking photographs and making videos of the event may be used to record their progress. Photographs and videos are made public on the camp web pages, facebook profiles, photo galleries and transferred to other media. It is considered to be ordinary documenting of the event which can be performed without the prior notification and agreement of the client. Should you not concur with this communication as it affects yourself personally, please contact us at the email address .

Olšovec s.r.o. Jedovnice wishes you an enjoyable stay at the camp.