Prices of accommodation

Accommodation typeOff Season per dayHigh Season per day
1.6. – 30.9.
Bungalow1900 CZK2100 CZK
Bungalow - SILVESTR2500 CZKxxx
Brick-built Chalet (cottage) A SWC1400 CZK1600 CZK
Brick-built Chalet (cottage) B KWC1200 CZK1400 CZK
ATC chalet (cottage)  6-bed1700 CZK1900 CZK
Large Chalet (cottage) 12-lůžková2000 CZK2200 CZK
Cabin 2-bed.- camping-style, basic fittings390 CZK420 CZK
Cabin 4-bed.- camping-style, basic fittings650 CZK710 CZK
Cabin 4-bed - type SRUB800 CZK900 CZK
Room 2-beds590 CZK620 CZK
Room 3-beds850 CZK900 CZK
Room 5-beds990 CZK1250 CZK
DUB - 2-bed wooden cabin450 CZK520 CZK
DUB - 3-bed wooden cabin650CZK690 CZK
DUB - 4-bed wooden cabin760 CZK880 CZK
DUB - 5-bed wooden cabin900 CZK1050 CZK
DUB - 6-bed wooden cabin1080 CZK1300 CZK
1 car to the chalets/cabins30 CZK30 CZK
Recreational Surcharges16 CZK16 CZK
Surcharge for a Dog80 CZK80 CZK
A second car to the chalets/cabins80 CZK80 CZK
A second motorcycle to the chalets/cabins50 CZK50 CZK
Coin-operated shower20 CZK20 CZK
Surcharge for heating per day
(as the visitor requires)
200 CZK200 CZK