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Operating Rules


  1. Operator:

Olšovec s.r.o.

IČO 60709448, DIČ CZ60709448

Company Headquarters: Havlíčkovo nám. 71, 67906 Jedovnice

  1. Operator's address:

Camp Olšovec, 679 06 Jedovnice, Kopeček 535

GPS 49° 19' 58"N 16° 45' 46"E

  1. Contact:

reception: +420 725 896 488 (information, reservations);

office: +420 724 783 881 (group bookings, events);


accounts: +420 724 783 879


  1. Individual responsible for the running of the camp:

Company representative.

  1. Opening Times

January – December: bungalows, rooms in the main building

From November to April: accommodation must be ordered at least one day in advance.

May – October: all types of accommodation are availabele. Opening times of reception and the camp are updated at

  1. Provision of water:

The camp is supplied with water from the public mains supply all year round.

  1. Waste water:

The camp is connected to the public waste water and sewerage system.

  1. Other:

The camp has free wifi throughout.

There is electricity throughout the site.

  1. Prices:

See the price list, (a supplement to this paper).

  1. Camp reception:

Located at the entrance to the camp.

  1. First aid kit:

A first aid kit is kept at reception. It is equipped with bandages, antiseptics, plasters and items to stop bleeding.

  1. Booking conditions

  1. Guests can book accommodation in person, by telephone, by email or online. The booking is confirmed when received in writing or via email.

  2. Deposits must be paid by bank transfer to the account of the camp operator 14 days after receipt of the deposit statement. In the event of non-payment of the deposit, the booking shall be cancelled.

  1. Conditions of cancellation, late arrival, early departure:

Consideration will be given to returning deposits in the following circumstances:

a) If the customer cancels the stay at least 30 days before commencement of the stay (only in written form or by email), 50% of the amount of the deposit shall be returned to the customer. If the management of the camp receives notification of a cancellation after the above-mentioned period of 30 days, the visitor foregoes the right for any monies to be returned and the deposit shall be retained by the operator of the camp.

b) The day of booking cancellation is defined as the day on which the operator is informed of the cancellation (at reception or in the office).

c) In the event. of the cancellation being made by the camp operator, the deposit will be returned to the customer to the full amount.

d) The cancellation fee will not be imposed if the customer provides a serious reason for the cancellation e.g. death or serious illness.

e) The booked accommodation is held for the customer until 6 pm of the planned day of arrival unless the customer informs the camp of the customer´s late arrival. After the passing of the time set for arrival all legal rights concerning the booking are null and void. The camp will then have the right to allocate the accommodation as it sees fit and the customer foregoes all rights regarding the return of the deposit.

  1. Payment conditions on arrival of the guest:

The accommodation fee (remainder of the fee) for the stay must be paid on the day of arrival as must fees for all other services ordered. In the event. of the above-mentioned fees not being paid on the day of arrival, the management reserves the right not to provide accommodation for the customer concerned. In the event. of late arrival or departure before the end of the reserved stay, payments made by the customer will not be refunded.

  1. Check in, registration of guests at reception:

Check in is from 2 pm unless otherwise agreed.

Guests are required to check in (to provide ID and car registration) on arriving at the camp.

During check in, guests receive all information needed for their stay, including accommodation papers, registration number and, if necessary, directions and help for pitching tents and parking caravans and other vehicles.

The deposit for a card for vehicle entrance to the camp is 200 CZK. The card must be visibly displayed behind the windscreen of the vehicle. Failure to follow this rule will result in the vehicle being removed from the campsite.

Guests staying in chalets, the main building and bungalows pay a 1000 CZK deposit on checking in which will be refunded if no damage or theft is incurred to properties, equipment and fittings on the campsite. On departure and return to the campsite the guest is required to show their registration card and accommodation confirmation paper.

The list of accommodated persons at ATC Olšovec is an official record of people staying on the campsite and is maintained in accordance with laws pertaining to the protection of private information.

  1. Rights and duties of guests:

  1. The operator reserves the right, in exceptional circumstances, to provide alternative accommodation e.g. in the case of fire.

  2. Each and every guest is obliged to acquaint themselves with the Rules and Regulations of the camp and is required to abide by them. By paying for accommodation the guest confirms that he/she has read the Rules and Regulations of the camp.

  3. Guests are obliged to abide by the regulations and bye-laws of the town of Jedovnice and the Committee of the Recreational Area.

  4. Guests in the campsite are obliged to keep the area clean and tidy.

  5. Only those who are not germ carriers or suffering from other infectious or parasitic illnesses are allowed on the camp unless they are provided with special health care or placed in quarantine.

  6. If a person is found to have severe diarrhoea or serious epidemiological illness this person is obliged to immediately notify the head a person in authority who will then decide on further steps to be taken in order to minimalize or eliminate risks of the condition spreading.

  7. The operator reserves the right to refuse admission to persons under the influence of alcohol or any narcotic substances which may endanger him/herself or persons in the vicinity, or to those who are considered to be unable to maintain minimum standards of hygiene.

  8. The operator reserves the right to remove from the premises anyone who behaves in an unruly manner, creates disturbances at night or at any time disturbs the calm or wellbeing of other residents.

  9. Residents are forbidden to carry and use weapons, hunting weapons, self-defence sprays, mechanical items that could be used violently, air pistols, flares, fireworks and other explosive and dangerous objects.

  10. Visitors to the camp may pitch tents and park vehicles only in the designated areas.

  11. Guests have the right to use all the equipment and services in and pertaining to the accommodation provided by the operator.

  12. No furniture may be taken into the accommodation provided, nor may any changes be made to the accommodation without the express permission of the receptionist or the management of the camp.

  13. Residents are not allowed to interfere with the gas and electricity supplies and distribution points.

  14. Guests are required to put general waste in the communal rubbish bins provided in designated areas (failure to follow this rules will result in a fine of 5000 CZK).

  15. It is not permitted to disturb other camp users by loud shouts, loud singing, playing loud radios or by any other means. Entertainments provided by the operator are exempt from this rule.

  16. It is strictly forbidden to smoke in the accommodation and communal areas of the camp or to use naked flames.

  17. The lighting of fires is permitted only in those places set out and marked by the operator of the camp. During barbecues guests are required to have a bucket of water to hand, to watch the wind direction and take care that smoke does not disturb other residents and to make sure that there is no risk of fire.

  18. The washing and maintenance of motor vehicles in the camp is strictly forbidden.

  19. It is forbidden throughout the camp for residents to use their own pumping equipment for beer and soft drinks including the consumption of beer from their own beer barrels.

  20. It is not allowed to use electrical appliances over 1500 W in the accommodation provided.

  21. For safety reasons it is not allowed to leave children unaccompanied by an adult in the area of the camp.

  22. Swimming in the lake by the camp is done so entirely at the swimmer´s own risk.

  23. The children´s playground and equipment can be used only by children up to the age of 15 and only when accompanied by an adult i.e. a parent or other responsible person older than 18 years of age (further only “accompanying person“), and the child must be under continual supervision of the accompanying person.

  24. Entrance to the children´s playground and use of the equipment is entirely at the user´s own risk. The accompanying person is responsible for the safety of the children and not the provider of the playground.

  25. The operator is responsible for money, documents and other valuables only if they have been left in the depository. For items left outside the depository the operator of the camp bears no responsibility.

  26. Motor vehicles and bicycles must use the tracks provided. The speed limit throughout the camp is 20 km/hour. It is not permitted to drive or cycle at night.

  27. The free spaces of ATC Olšovec cannot be used for commercial purposes without the express permission and contractural agreement of the operator of the camp.

  1. Vacating the camp:

  1. Guests are required to vacate the accommodation on the last day of the visit by 9.30 a.m. (unless otherwise agreed with the operator). Failure to vacate the premises on time will result in a charge for one more day´s stay in the accommodation used.

  2. Guests who move into their accommodation before 6 a.m. are required to pay for the whole night.

  3. When vacating the accommodation guests are required to turn off the lights, close the water stopcock, close the windows, doors and to personally hand over the property and its fittings to the camp employee responsible and, after the accommodation has been thoroughly checked, to leave the key at reception.

  1. Quiet time in the ATC Olšovec Camp:

  1. 10 pm to 7 am is designated as quiet time.

  2. When the camp operator provides a special event the night time quiet period changes from 1 am to 7 am.

  3. Movement of motor vehicles is restricted in the camp from 11 pm to 7 am.

  1. Damages payable to the operator:

  1. Guests are required to pay for any damages caused to property of ATC Olšovec to the full amount in accordance with the generally binding provisions.

  2. In the event. of damage to or destruction of any equipment belonging to the operator the guest will pay a minimum sum of 250 CZK or a higher amount corresponding to actual worth and cost of replacement.

  3. Surcharges for damage to property or for loss of items:

Broken window, door (cabin) 200 CZK

Broken window, door (bungalow, main building) 1000 CZK

Lost keys (cabin) 200 CZK

Lost keys (bungalow, main building) 2500 CZK

Damage to the property of the site operator depending on the difficulty of repair

Other damage in accordance with the information from the operator.

  1. Dogs:

  1. Dogs may be kept on the campsite on condition that the dog does not run freely, it must have a registered licence, and must be kept on a lead.

  1. Dog owners are required to immediately clean up excrement after their animals and to make sure that the animals do not disturb other residents.

  1. During the period of night time quiet the dog must remain in the accommodation of its owner.

  1. Fires, accidents and medical treatment:

  1. The outbreak of a fire must be reported at reception, proceed in accordance with the fire regulations and guidelines on display in reception, if necessary call telephone number 150 or 112.

  2. In the event. of a plumbing problem or an electricity outage the guest is required to report it at reception in person or on telephone number 724 783 881. The guest must not attempt to tackle the cause of the problem on their own.

  3. If medical help is required guests must contact the receptionist or call telephone number 155 or 112.



accidents leading to physical injury

Fire Brigade


fires, accidents which involved a significant chemical leak

State Police


incidents which led to significant injuries to persons or damage to property


Town Police


516 528 220

723 204 979 

maintaining public order


Emergency Line






  1. Fishing:

Fishing is permitted in designated areas and is governed by Czech fishing regulations. Further information available at reception.

  1. Closing regulations:

  1. For situations not mentioned in the above regulations then civil law, local bye-laws and customs are applicable.

  2. Disputes or questions not covered by the above regulations will be decided by the operator of the camp.

  3. The regulations of the camp apply to everyone who stays in the campsite. Whoever fails to abide by the rules of the camp shall be expelled from the campsite without redress or recompense.

  4. All guests should be aware that for their safety and security and for that of the operator´s property closed circuit cameras operate on the site. Given this information, guests are aware of and agree to the fact that they may be monitored by the camera system. The CCTV images are not archived.

  5. Security, camp management and receptionists will make sure that the rules and regulations concerning access to the camp and those concerning behaviour inside the camp are adhered to.

These rules and regulations of Olšovec Camp are valid from 1.1.2016

Company Representative